Looking For Consultants To Associate With Us

We are on the lookout for Senior consultants to associate with us on entrepreneurial roles.

They could be  based out of own locations .

Various locations where we need such associations are Kolkata, Chennai,Cochin, Hyderabad,Guhawathi, Delhi, Mumbai etc.

This is purely a freelancing opportunity and would suit only highly experienced professionals. Ideally suitable for those who  are probabaly retired(planning to slow down) and would like flexible assocaitions wherein they could make use of the existing framework they already have to enhance their operation with better utility. Please note this is not a regular job.

Areas of operation

# Design consultants(Engineering...Non-IT and in the core sectors such as civil engineering)

# Management consultants(Manufacturing  Products again Non-IT and relevant to construction etc.)

Interested ?  Please email(Only emails please) your expression of interest to us through:  consulting@bvprgj.com 



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