Challenges in the promotion of sustainable products/services

One of the most difficult challenges we face when selling sustainable products and services is the complexity of sustainability itself. We come up with lab trials and invent a new product or technology useful for the society in terms of these aspects. But The next stage of propagating(finding people who will readily come forward to take the benefits of these products and services) it is often more difficult than the innovation itself! Making it possible to experience others the intangible value of these products and services is not an easy task.

The issue is taking things forward.Is promotion of sustainable products & services a different ball game?

So Green buildings methods, Innovative methods for low-cost construction( with less natural resources utilization), Energy efficient methods , Automation of the otherwise labor-intensive construction methodologies,Harnessing the technological development for the development of the society(Not just the industry!) ..........and all such involving #sustainability and #gogreen initiatives are challenging areas where it takes a lot of efforts to convince the cost benefit ratio keeping in view of the long term and short term benefits and other interests!


In these cases a lot of emphasis is needed to be done on the parameters such as specification and other distinct advantages of the products/services right from the beginning. A technically skilled marketing professional would do a good job to take things forward appropriately in this case.In the case of services and solutions a lot more need to be done to make sure that every aspect of (whatever) measurable tangible benefits are considered as in services/solutions it is often (again!) a bit difficult to distinguish the "tangible" and intangible" aspects (and a lot of convincing might be needed many a times!)

Appropriate technical presentation is another most important aspect. This is the critical point where you get only one single opportunity to make a good impression to the targeted audience(would be customers,decision makers and all that). Put all your strength into it and come out successfully.

While dealing with general products where the price, value addition or even after sales may be taken into focus points for decision but that is seldom the case with these technical products and services which are unique and innovative in nature.The first and foremost aspect in all such would be to gain the technical acceptability and this is where the technical skill coupled with the appropriate understanding of the market dynamics would matter.You may like to read my earlier post on this .."Delivering a high impact technical presentation"

We have a tendency to get into a comfort zone by accepting only time-tested techniques. A lot could change if we have a better interaction between institutions of higher learning and industries such that lab tests are soon extended to field trials and later into real life practical applications...........................

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