Geosynthetics/Procurement Support and More!

Geo-systems are used for various applications in civil,environmental and other engineering applications.Geo-systems facilitates sustainable #construction by reducing the use of natural materials like aggregates, sands and rocks etc.For instance the thickness of the aggregate layer in a typical cross section for road construction can be reduced (by also keeping in view of the provisions in the code) so that less of quarrying is required.)

Geo-tubes would be suitable for beach nourishment and prevention of erosion on the marine front

Huge Geobags/Systems: Depending upon the specific condition prevailing this need to be designed taking note of the historical data available for flood occurrences previously such as HFL and other engineering considerations.

"He who knows what sweets and virtues are in the ground, the waters, the plants, the heavens, and how to come at these enchantments, is the rich and royal man". – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Geomembrane-For hazardous waste containment applications in Landfill and other Environmental engineering applications...

Woven Geo-textiles-(PPMF); as well as high strength geo-textiles suitable for separation, filtration and reinforcement applications in Civil Engineering

Polyster Geogrid /PP Geogrid suitable for RE walls, side slope protection works , Ground improvement and similar other construction activites....